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Why are the specific tabs on the Overview page visible, although user does not have rights to see them?

Question asked by GB_Pawel_Krystosiak on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by NitinAgarwal

Dear All,

I have spotted a strange behavior of the Overview page recently. For some reason, multiple tabs become visible to Clarity users although they were not given rights to see them.

For example, the "Sponsor" tab, which came along with the PMO Accelerator:



What's more curious, when user clicks on "Manage My Tabs" button, he/she cannot see these tabs on the list:

Similarly, users can see too many menu entries - actually all the options available (Home menu, only). After clicking on the menu however, they see no portlets, luckily:


Another thing: when I add a new tab to the Overview page now, it DOES NOT appear on those users Overview page. So, the problem is only with "old" tabs. But there are many and I don't want to re-create them.


Any suggestions are welcome!