Recommended Approach for Jenkins?

Discussion created by ramakantjoshi on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Bhavs

We'd like to use Jenkins to trigger continuous test with LISA.

Here's what I am able to do;

1. Run LISA with Ant script locally

2. Setup Jenkins server with LISA, Ant paths defined etc. (for now it's a Windows server.. could change)


What I'd like to do is trigger LISA tests as part of Jenkins Job; using Ant, LISA Invoke 2.0; whichever is feasible.


With Ant, Does the Lisa Test Suite need to be on the Jenkins server? We have the LISA Suite in git and ideally would like to not have to pull in the project locally.

Can Invoke be used instead? Any challenges?

What's the best strategy from a CI process; how do other orgs/LISA customers set this up?