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Workflow process not working - when setting a control variable, action item is not being displayed

Question asked by davitg on Jan 9, 2015
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I'm running Clarity PPM v12 and the following workflow process is being stopped.

Has anyone come across this issue? Could you please explain what could stop this workflow. The steps to reproduce are below:

In "Programmes & Projects" section, choose a project.

Choose "properties" tab, select "control variables".

In "Generall Process", ensure both fields are set to "Not Active".

In "Gateway Process", set: "Active Task Count" and "Active Task ID" to "0".

"Current PS" = "***"

"Current RL" = "yyy"

"Current PASST" = "zzz"

"Current Other" = "admin"

in "System Values", ensure "Active" box is checked, "Template" box is unchecked and "Manager" is set to "name".

Click "Save".

Now click on "Collaboration", select "Action Items", you should see list of items with the "assigned To" field showing the Manager name, but it doesn't (below).

Adding Control Variable:

Capture 1.JPG

Result: (No action items to display)

Capture 2.JPG