SDM 12.x - New tab to display all PAM tasks assigned to logged in user / user's groups

Discussion created by jw1 on Jan 12, 2015

This may be something that the community can develop together with the components already available.  If not, I will post this as a new Idea.


Out of the box, the integration between PAM and SDM requires that a user open a separate browser to work their tasks.  This is usually accomplished via a link from the Workflow Tasks tab under the the SDM ticket or by a link in an email notification.  Once, they are logged into the PAM tasklist, they can work all the assigned tasks.


It would be more efficient if they SDM user did not have to leave the browser and could have a new tab/web form based on their role.  This tab would then handle the tasklist function and the only pop ups would be for IRF's requiring interaction.


This would function similar to the current My Workflow Tasks scoreboard query for Classic Workflow.