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Magic Dates Method (doDateDeltaFromCurrent)

Question asked by salman.jarved on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by yoshio.katayama



I have a situation here that I have recorded a transaction which has XML tag with magic string as below:


Recorded on 08/10/2014 and within LISA VSI response I have following:



Actual Results when I ran the service in  Playback on 13/01/2015



Desired Results when I am running service in Playback on 13/01/2015 (As per LISA documentation)




According to LISA documentation about Magic Strings the above method doDateDeltaFromCurrent should return 23/01/2015, that is 10 days ahead of time when you are calling in playback mode. Can anyone suggest what is the issue here in my scenario?  Any help would be appreciated.