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CA SDM 12.1 upgrade to CA SDM 14.1

Question asked by ikiranp on Jan 15, 2015
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I am very new to CA SDM framework however we are planning to upgrade CA SDM 12.1 environment to latest CA SDM 14.1 for one of our customer.

We have brainstorming session on solution approach and here we come up with:

1. Swing-Box Upgrade Method - Get replica of current production environment on swing box and run SDM 14.1 migration on Swing box and then move migrated SDM 14.1 on clean installed new production SDM 14.1 (Never migrated)

2. Swing-Box Upgrade (Accelerated) - We called this process as accelerated because we are not replicating current production here. We will installing CA SDM 14.1 on new  hardware (we can call it as advanced hardware) and then

          • Build Customization again (which is less in our case)
          • build integration again (which is CA Asset Portfolio Management only)
          • Migrate all configuration data into CA SDM 14.1 from CA SDM 12.1
          • Migrate all ticket/request live as well as historical data from CA SDM 12.1 to CA SDM 14.1

Kindly provide your valuable inputs on both approaches.

Thanks In advanced

Kiran Patil