This week in Plano...sizing stories

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Jan 15, 2015

This week the CA Service Virtualization Team is in Plano, Texas.  Here are some pictures of the team working on sizing user stories.


sizing 1.jpg

Application Test Engineering Team L-R: Jeff Daudel  - Mobile Test,  Phillip Alpatov, Brian McDonald - Architect for App Test (front & center) and Ching Kung – App Test


sizing 2.jpg

From Left to Right - Bharath Vantari - Product Manager for Common Components, Renee Steiner - head of QA, David Latil - SV Engineer and Architect, Robert Williams - Chief Architect for SV



sizing 3.jpg

This is not a police lineup. This is the CA Service Virtualization development team... left to right: Daniel Bingham - Architect+Engineer, Wade Ford - Engineer, Ralph Parker - Scrum Master and Rich Denis - Scrum Master.




The team dined on a Texas style meal.  The non Texans couldn’t handle the real hot sauce but the Shiner beer helped.


Feel free to share pictures from your sizing meetings.