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Increasing SDM Page Loading Time ? What Contributes To Delay ?

Question asked by Stuart_ on Jan 15, 2015
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We are running a single primary SDM 12.9 server and do not use any extra components. During peak hours I would say SDM is our slowest intranet page to load, and I am looking for suggestions on how to improve its speed. SDM is hosted on a Windows 2012 server and uses remote Microsoft SQL 2012 mdb on another Windows 2012 server. Our client machines have either Internet Explorer 9 or 12 installed.


Our configuration type is "Tomcat and IIS http Server (default)", IIS logging is turned off, we use Windows Authentication and SDM runs on the default port 80. We do have a lot of scoreboard queries but all are contained within folders and only appear once a folder is expanded by a user.


Any external links to SDM including notifications sent by the system, create a new session when clicked even when SDM is already open. This seems to slow things down further.


Any suggestions out there on increasing SDM web speed performance ?