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CA ESP - Generate appl only if prior generation jobs are all successful or failed

Question asked by NickNegelein62352126 on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by NickNegelein62352126

I'm trying to figure out a code snippet (REXX, CLANG, etc) that will allow an application to meet the following requirements:


If any of the jobs in that prior generation are waiting, on hold, executing, whatever (any state except complete or fail), the next generation will either not generate or will complete itself immediately (not run anything).  So long as every job has attempted to run at least once in that prior generation, pass or fail, the new generation will start.  We want the old generation to remain in the current state, visible in the director, until it can be examined by production support.  However we don't want a new generation running if there are any jobs left in the prior generation that haven't attempted a run or are actively running.


I've tried a couple different things, but I'm unaware of how to check the status of all jobs in an appl in such a way that would meet the above requirement.  Any suggestions?