Game Helps New Users Learn About Service Virtualization

Discussion created by Stefana_Muller on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by richo02

Tomorrow, richo02 (Hoang Richter) will be sharing with us a fun game he built (with the help of his gaming inclined brother) that teaches players how to use CA Service Virtualization.  Join us to see how Hoang helps the main character "Lisa" travel across the desert by sending requests to a virtualized backend service.  My favorite part is how the game helps users learn about think time, specific responses and some of the intricacies that make virtual services so powerful.

CA DevTest Community Webcast - Jan 21 @ 11am ET - SV Game Demo


After the call tomorrow, we hope to continue discussing the game on this thread and figure out how it can move it forward from it's prototype stage.  Would love to hear your feedback as well!