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Re: RE: Auto Tracing using PersistentTransactionTracerConfiguration.xml

Question asked by Nashing9 on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by jakbutler
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Just like the original contributor to this thread, I ran into this after upgrading from an earlier version, and we were no longer getting only traces > 30 seconds. so know I know at least how this was working. that being said, I'm cautious about enabling this feature in our new production environment due to concern for overhead that will be requested of the agent. Is this not the same as manually starting a transaction trace session for all agents (if configured as stated below) and running it until the EM is stopped? From my interpretation, only the first TraceSession definition is enabled, but I included the whole file from the 8.2 installation, in case I'm overlooking anything. I sense this is ok for a development environment, but not for a production. Am I being too cautious for no reason?

Thanks for this thread - this is the only place I've found information on PersistentTransactionTracerConfiguration.xml.

<PersistentTracerConfiguration xmlns:jaxb="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="C:\cygwin\src\wailea\engineering\products\introscope\source\com\wily\introscope\server\enterprise\entity\transactiontrace\PersistentTransactionTrace0.1.xsd">
<TraceSession agentExpression=".*" enabled="true">
<ThresholdFilter thresholdInMillis="30000"/>

<TraceSession agentExpression=".*" enabled="false">
<!-- capture traces that match each of the filters contained within the AndFilter -->
<!-- capture traces with a duration that exceeds the given threshold -->
<ThresholdFilter thresholdInMillis="2"/>
<!-- capture traces that match the given error string glob -->
<ErrorFilter errorString="*"/>

<!-- capture traces matching on a parameter -->
<!-- parameterName = the parameter name -->
<!-- parameterValue = the parameter value. Not required for all operation types -->
<!-- operationType = operation type.
0 = exact match;
1 = starts with;
2 = ends with;
3 = contains;
4 = exists
<!-- not = boolean not of the match (match if does not exist or doesn't equal value, etc) -->
<ParameterFilter parameterName="httprequest.parameter.cartID" parameterValue="5" operationType="4" not="false"/>