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how can I execute deploymar via curl

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by sdetweil2

continuing on with my deploy to cloud, I need to write a script to deploy and activate a service on the VSE I just created.


I am attempting to use the deployMar api request, but something is missing


Anyhow, am getting 415 unsupported media type, for both file data –data “@/filepath/name” or –data "file:///path/filename"


curl –s –v –X POST –data-binary “@/home/sam/samsimage.mar”


mar is a binary file

if --data is used, only 2080 of the 5454 bytes are transfered..

I also don't get the json output documented.


doing the deploy of this same file thru the UI works.

the VSEManager --deploy command works as well, but I would have to deploy a Lisa instance to use that command.

if I curl to the registry address, vs the registry web server I get a 200 return code, but noting happens

curl –s –v –X POST –data-binary “@/home/sam/samsimage.mar”

also, the swagger api info


shows up and is navigable.. but none of the apis work (no response).

I can still deploy via the console.

Looking at the registry console I see an error

Cookie provided by RPC request doesn't match request cookie, aborting action....

I didn't see any requirement in the doc to get and use a cookie on get/put requests.