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DevTest Portal capability v/s WORK STATION

Question asked by DevTestUser on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Roland_Moeller


I am very confusing on the new DevTest Portal capability as DevTest 8.0 VSE user guide is not clear on what is supported on the portal and what is on the workstation!.. because it is single user guide for both workstation and portal.


I would like to know these on priority, where are the options to create the following on DEVTEST PORTAL..


1. Creation of virtual service from WSDL

2. Creation of Virtual service from recording mode for web services and API

3. Creation of virtual services for MQ


apart from this bit confusing where is the option to create soap test client to test the virtual services etc.,


can you please update on this ASAP ? we are using only portal for creating the virtual services whereas none of the above mentioned features are not supported..


if the above are not supported then we will go ahead with workstation option, but we need confirmation from CA.


many thanks