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ETAUTIL Update DYN Endpoint using CSV File

Question asked by Nor.Zaili on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Nor.Zaili

Hi All,


I'm looking for more info on the syntax for update DYN endpoint using CSV File via etautil. My current command line is as follows:


set Domain=im

set User=superadmin

set PWD=******


etautil -d %Domain% -u %User% -p %PWD% -DYN update 'eTDYNPolicyContainerName=DYN Policies,eTNamespaceName=Custom LDAP' eTDYNPolicy  eTDYNPolicyName='TDS_MYC_DCMS_A1' to +eTDYN-str-multi-ic-01='eTDYNObject001Name=G_OPS_ENQ2,eTDYNContainerName=FPMS,eTDYNContainerName=App'


If I am using DXmodify, I can point to LDIF file. I used csv2ldiftool URL : csv2ldif Tool -- Create an LDIF File from a CSV File - CA Directory - 12 SP14 - CA Wiki


I have a large number of DYNs to import with quite a numbers of application roles into each DYN endpoints, i need to use etautil command to read from csv file and update into DYN endpoints.


Anyone here got any ideas or done it before? Would be able to help me?


Thanks in advance.