CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Reports won’t show FTE correctly approximately five years into the Past and Future

Discussion created by Kristin_Schroer Employee on Jan 27, 2015
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If you are using Full Time Equivalency (FTE) in reports, note that PPM Reports won’t show FTE correctly approximately five years into the past and future. Certain reports may display the data as hours instead of FTE, while other reports may show a 0 where you are expecting a 1 in reporting. This is because the RPT_CALENDAR table is populated by the 'Update Business Objects Table' job and this job is coded to populate approximately a 10 year period, beginning with Jan 1st, 5 years prior to the current year. For example, if the current year is 2015, the population of data will begin on January 1, 2010 and populate for 3650 days from this date; therefore ending just a few days full of a complete 10 year period for daily values.  It will populate 520 Weeks, 120 Months, and 40 Quarters. The FTE data values are computed based on the Availability Slice Data present for the application 'admin' user configuration for the date ranges in this job.


See an example of this below:


Create a project in Clarity, and assign a team member to a task with a Finish Date out past January 2020 (If the current year is 2015). Run the Time Slicing job then run the Update Business Objects Report Tables job with all parameters checked. Then, navigate to Reports and select the Investment Allocations and Assignments Report. Change the Period type to Month and the Unit Type to FTE. For Start Date select the radio button next to Specific Date (If you use 8/1/2018 you can see the differences before and after February 2020).  Once the report is generated, instead of FTE displaying for all months, you will start seeing hours instead of FTE in February 2020, or in some reports 0, instead of the expected value of 1.


To request an enhancement to change the way this function behaves, you can add an idea on the CA Communities site.


Reference TEC1713664 for further information on the functionality of FTE in reports.