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IdentityMinder - Tasks Stuck in Progress

Question asked by PrafulTr on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by PrafulTr

We face this issue on and off with our IdentityMinder application which is running on a cluster of two servers. We frequently run into issues with tasks getting stuck in a 'In Progress' state.


I have had a look at the tech articles & While they speak about how to provide access for tasks to be resubmitted individually, I need to know a way to resubmit a mass number of tasks. To illustrate with an example, on some days we have thousands of tasks getting stuck it is not possible for us to resubmit 3000-5000 tasks individually.


I need to figure out a way to -


a) Resubmit tasks in a 'mass' manner

b) Find the root cause for these tasks getting stuck and provide a long term fix


On running the following query on our DB server - select * from tasksession12_5 WHERE (state NOT IN (128, 512)) I get almost 450K rows. I don't necessarily need to resubmit all these tasks, I need find a way to resubmit tasks stuck for a selected date.


Also we have the following row counts for the various tables in the Task DB. I understand that these are really high in number, but is there a specific rule based on which I need to calculate what is the max limit on the number rows for the below tables before I purge these -


tasksession12_5 - 722715 rows

objects12_5 - 5519587 rows

lock12_5 - 5351804 rows

event12_5 - 4076086 rows


Note : This is from one of the DB servers, the other DB server has more or less a similar number.