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Add radio buttons to radio button groups

Question asked by iskillings on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by alealvarez

Hi all,


I am looking for a way to add radio buttons to a interaction request form each time I open it, based on an array that is already in my process.


High level overview of what I am doing:


I have created a process which will run a selected script against our enterprise by polling our inventory and distributing independent processes for each machine. All of the scripts are stored in a DB and at the start of the process I am trying to build a form that loads the distict script list and presents it to the user. I am using radio buttons to keep them from selecting more than one.


I was trying to get some code into the "Assign User Task" operator in the Form data initialization code, but its not as straight forward as I'd hoped and an hour or so researching this kind of use case has turned up next to nothing.