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How do you resolve a service properly when the URIs are similar and wildcards are being used? Example: /hr/foo/* and /hr/foo/*/enrollment

Question asked by Stephen_Hughes Employee on Jan 29, 2015

We had a customer question today around an issue that was being experienced when 2 services have close to the same URI but a wildcard is used in the middle to represent a name, employeeID, or some general value. The services were setup with the URIs (modified to protect customer information)  /hr/foo/* and /hr/foo/*/enrollment. The URI they were attempting to connect to was /hr/foo/sally1234 which would resolve to the first but when they added the /enrollment (/hr/foo/sally1234/enrollment) it would continue to resolve the first service. To resolve the issue you need to add a trailing * at the end of the URI in the Service Properties of the service.