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CA SDM and large numbers

Question asked by kolja02 Employee on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by kolja02

Hi team,

what is the best approach to use long numbers in CMDB?


AFAIK there are three possibilities:

1. use integer     It is OK until the number are smaller than the biggest int - then it overflows and is displayed as negative number (and this is basically what happened in our implementation)

2. use string       Using string is fine until you need to sort the results by this attribute - users are confused and complain (and this is what we did as a first solution)

3. use double     Double is almost perfect until you need to use grloader - and we need to use it for regular data synchronization which can't be done by pdm_userload to usp_owned_resource table

4. use something I don't know


Thanks for any ideas,