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CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How CA PPM Interprets the WIP Adjustment Quantity

Question asked by TuanTran Employee on Feb 5, 2015
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Does CA PPM support negative manual transactions?


When it is reported that an inaccurate WIP transaction entry set is found in CA PPM, the transaction set has to be examined.


The tip to remember is that CA PPM always considers the transaction dates and resulting quantity when processing the manual transaction entry.

The common mistake is to enter a negative value in an attempt to obtain a desired quantity.

To increase or decrease the quantity, the WIP adjustment should reflect the desired end result or correct amount.

Tasks on the project will not support negative quantities.  Therefore, ensuring the data entered for WIP adjustments or matching transactions should always equate to a quantity of zero (0) or greater.


This tip is based on the following knowledge article – please review for more details.

Does clarity support negative transactions?


Also, do not try to create a WIP adjustment on a timesheet transaction.