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Create Change Order from a text file

Question asked by KevinG. Employee on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by mderidde

We have a requirement to be able to create tickets automatically from the contents of a file.  A csv file or Excel spreadsheet or similar.  Does anyone know of a way to read a line in a file and then call either web services or something similar, to create a change order and populate the fields from the data read from the file?  The customer has a need to generate a new change order for each record in a file.  These changes are requests for new application accounts to be created.  They have approximately 200 at a time coming in and need the ability to "auto generate" change orders for them so they don't have to manually enter 200 change orders each time they have these new accounts coming in.  Can this be done using CA PAM? 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.