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Question asked by sreelesh on Feb 10, 2015
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Hi Freinds,


We have a link between two portlets. A link parmeter is used which will take value( based on user click) from first portlet and the second portlet will be filtered based on this value. After the first use of this link paramter, we would like to clear the value of this link parameter so that the second portlet will work based on its own filter values. Is anyone has any suggestion in doing so?



What we want to achieve


Step 1: From portlet1, user click on link(say department), the user will be redirected to portlet2 and this portlet will be filtered based on values of link parameter. -- This is working as expected

Step2: Portlet2 has its own filter option(to fitler for different department or for all department). This filter is not getting applied since the link parameter value is not getting cleared.




Thanks in advance.