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Set Conditions on SiteMinder Responses

Question asked by kumar.anurag on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by kumar.anurag

Currently, for one of our Secured URLs we are sending a 'Response' to the backend application.

It is a cookie variable which is being passed here.

Attribute : WebAgent-HTTP-Cookie-Variable

Attribute Kind : User Attribute

Value : Text

This Reponse passes the value called 'Password Expiration Time' for every user in the form of a cookie.

At the backend application, there is some compatibility while reading this expiration value.

But this issue is specific to a value such as, e.g. "99991231235959Z".

Goal: So what we want is that when this 'Response' is triggered, it should look into the value "99991231235959Z", if found, remove the cookie from SiteMinder Response.

Otherwise, send it on as usual.

Can this be achieved?