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Carving out a yearly cost plan

Question asked by whole_milk on Feb 12, 2015
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I would like to pick your brains on something, I am hoping this can be changed somewhere in the settings, but I am unable to find it.


Let's say we have a project called "Project ABC"


Project Start = March 1, 2014

Project End = Aug 31, 2016


It is a project which has allocs and actuals right from March 1, 2014 till date, which is today.


I am creating a manual cost plan, I am setting plan start and plan end as Jan 15 and Dec 15, with monthly as my time period. I use populate from investment team and it populates it right from 2014 march and adjusts the plan start to march 2014. I am able to manually adjust the start period back to jan 2015, after this action and I get my plan. I want to avoid this extra step. I need Clarity to keep my plan start and plan end intact, so that it carves out 2015 only. Any ideas?