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Data Importer - sequential jobs

Question asked by rg502 on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Richard_Schneider_CA

The short version of the question is; with APM 12.9, have any customers come up with a creative way to sequentially run Data Import jobs; where one job runs the very second a different job finishes?


With 11.3.4, I had a batch file that called two different importer jobs. With the way 11.3.4 worked, the Data Importer EXE would not “exit” until it completed running the first job. So the second line (second job) would not get called until the first job finished running. I had a Windows Scheduled Task setup to call the batch file.


With 12.9, I created a batch file that calls the two jobs via the Import Processor command. But, with the Import Processor EXE, it exits as soon as it is “submits” the job; meaning the second line in the batch file (the second job) gets submitted before the first job runs/finishes.


Using the Schedule function of the Data Importer 12.9 does not satisfy the need, as the time it takes the first job to run varies.


For the purposes of this question assume the process to create the data files is automated. There is no place in the process for human manipulation or adjustment.