CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Can baseline information be retained when replacing a role with a resource?

Discussion created by Kristin_Schroer Employee on Feb 17, 2015
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Are you looking for a way to replace a role with a resource without losing baseline information?


While in Clarity, as per design, baseline information is not retained when you replace a role with a resource, the good news is that you can use Open Workbench’s (OWB’s) transfer assignment feature to keep baseline information. The key is to ensure that the “Keep Baselines” check box is checked.


To utilize the feature in OWB:

1)    Open the project schedule in OWB.

2)    Click the Project tab and then click the Transfer icon in the top menu.

3)    Select the desired roles/resources in the “Transfer assignments from this resource” and “to this resource” drop downs.  

4)    Important: Before moving the tasks to be reassigned, make sure to check the “Keep Baselines” check box.

5)    Highlight the tasks you want to have reassigned in the left column, then click the arrow to click the right arrow to move the tasks to the new resource.

6)    Click OK.

7)    Save the OWB Schedule and you will see in Clarity that the task is reassigned, but the baseline information is retained.


Clarity's Product Management team is looking to collect use cases and business impact of this limitation of the product design, so that the design can be adjusted in the future to better its users. Please promote and comment on the existing Idea on the Global User Community through this link: