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Including resolution comments in list_in & list_cr

Question asked by ManishaP on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2017 by Vysakh_N

Hi All,


I was wondering if we can include a new column "resolution comments" in the list_in/cr.htmpl files. This column should display the comments that were

entered while resolving the ticket. Since these details are stored in the Act_log table, i need to know if its possible to retrieve only a single description(i.e. resolved status "description")

What I tried in wsp are as follows:


<PDM_MACRO NAME=lsCol hdr="Resolution Comments" attr=act_log.0.description justify=left> (act_log.0.description ---found from forum; didnt work)

<PDM_MACRO NAME=lsCol hdr="Resolution Comments" attr=act_log.description justify=left>---- didnt display any ticket details.


Kindly help,