Progress icon for portlet data re-loading

Discussion created by sparc.helpdesk on Feb 18, 2015
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Hi All,


I tried the same code in UI CSS as mentioned in the below discussion link and it worked for us. The progress icon is now displaying in the middle of the screen.


A page to indicate the application is loading when logging on.

But, we have one more requirement for the progress icon. When we change settings of any portlet and data gets reloaded according to new settings, then at that time no progress icon is displayed. Though data loads immediately but sometimes there is a delay in the data loading and user does not understands something is executing in the background and they repeatedly perform the same action causing overhead for the application.


one example is weekly details portlet on resource planning page. User has filter the data for 12 weeks time-scale, then he/she went to configure-->timescaled values option and changes the no. of weeks there, suppose 6. At this time, portlet re-loads the data and displays 6 weeks data. Here, we do not see progress icon.


Can anyone help us to implement any progress icon or indicator that data is re-loading and user has to wait.



Pragya Singh