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Create Schedule Programatically

Question asked by paimon.soror Champion on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by bekmark

Wondering if anyone has any references to point me to, or examples on how to create schedules for a process programatically.  What I am trying to develop is an access control form for Spectrum event management.  Right now we don't want all admins freely modifying events, so we created a spectrum group that specifically allows the admins within the group to modify event configuration.  This adds some overhead as from time to time, a new person comes to us who needs temporary access to event configuration.


I want to develop a PAM process, and my thought pattern is this:


1. Start Request Form

     - Asks For user information

     - Asks for business justification

     - Asks for start and end time

          - Start time would kick off a process to add user to the eventing group

          - end time would kick off a process to put user back in their original group

2. Form Submit kicks off process

3. Process creates two schedules based on the user's input criteria

     - one schedule for the start (adding user to group)

     - one schedule for the end (adding use back to orig group)

4. Each schedule would kick off its own respective process to handle the operations


I have completed Step 1 and Step2 , but I am now stuck on Step 3.