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Create a custom Manual Notification Activity

Discussion created by Grant Bruneau Champion on Feb 20, 2015
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We are trying to duplicate Manual Notify functionality and incorporate it into a new activity, Downtime Notification.  I'm having a bit of trouble getting this customization to work.  If anyone has advice on how to accomplish this it would be welcomed!  Our goal is to be able to use Service Desk to log our down systems, instead of our current legacy tracking system.  We want to manually send out notifications for these downtimes, and the variables in this message template will be different than our manual notification template.  This is why we can't use the current Manual Notification activity.


What I've done so far:

  • Copied the Manual Notify activity notification and named the new one Downtime Notification with the code DN.
  • Updated detail_aty.htmpl to include the Object/Contact recipients for the new notification. (Originally these tabs only appear for Manual Notify)
  • Added the default manual notification rule for r/i/p to the Downtime Notification activity notification (For testing, will eventually have it's own template)
  • Updated the Service Desk menu to include the activity Downtime Notification
  • Duplicated all the NR forms to create the new DN forms


Currently the activity Downtime Notification will open up the new dn.htmpl form, but it's not populated with the notification rule that's attached to the DN activity notification.  When I hit submit it will add a Downtime Notification entry in the logs but it doesn't include the message.  Notification History also does not log any notification.