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What data protocol should use with this type of delimiters?

Question asked by alvgu02 Employee on Feb 19, 2015

Hi Everybody,


I have the folowing hexa message : "003442524E2D3031342D57532D32312020201C803933303030301C815353445341444D1C8230303134303030351C9131353032313703"


The two first bytes are message length and each field is divided by a diferent delimiter so:


Type          Delimiter          Field

Header:                             42524E2D3031342D57532D3231202020

Field1:       1C80                393330303030

Field2        1C81                5353445341444D

Field3:       1C82                3030313430303035

Field4:       1C91                31353032313703

What can options of Data Protocols do I have to create the virtual service?