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Has anyone used the AV assertion with ICAP ?

Question asked by StuartSmith75811464 on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by ChristopherClark

The documentation is quite light on how to make use of the AV assertion.


I have a requirement to integrate with an existing mcAfee AV suite over ICAP.


The docs and assertion UI seem to suggest that a MIME message is expected, however there appears to be no way to actually CREATE a MIME message within the product ?


My use case is that I will have messages coming in via XML and JSON. These will have a base64 encoded element which is a document. The customer wishes these documents to be scanned for viruses.


IF the assertion requires the message to be converted into a multipart MIME form submit type POST, then how can this be done ?


Or am I supposed to construct a proxy type request, where the user is downloading a file ? In which case I am constructing some sort of GET with a binary payload (of the document) and passing this request to the assertion ?