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Writing SQL Results to a String

Question asked by derrickat on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by derrickat

I have done this before, but of course have forgotten and can't find my code.


I want to take a result set from a query and write it to a string field.




select prjId, soId


inv_investments i

JOIN odf_ca_my_subobject so on = so.odf_parent_id

where < 5000005

(assuming 5 rows returned)



I want to put those IDs in a custom string field (my_string_field) on the project


update odf_ca_project

set my_string_field = ${soId}

where id = ${prjId}


The problem is, the loop will overwrite the previous value each time. I want to cache the value and return all 5 results at once in the string field.