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How to best represent an interface in CMDB and Visualizer

Question asked by mderidde on Feb 24, 2015
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We'd like to establish the following in CA CMDB:


Application A has an interface with Application B. In addition we want to specify the type of interface and maybe extra attributes for that interface.


Sadly CA CMDB does not allow to specify attributes on the relationship itself (e.g. "This is an interface using a component that is running on a 3rd CI", or "it uses SOAP XML web service calls on HTTP port 443"). Is there any reason why that is? Or what would be a good way to establish the above relationship(s) in CA CMDB? The path chosen should allow us to easily view / query the CMDB to show all applications that use web service integrations running on a given framework and the applications that integrate with each other that way.


Short of adding custom fields on the CI relationship object I can't see any working solution.


Thanks in advance for any pointers you may have.