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CA Control Minder 12.8 Password Consumers

Question asked by shubham_saurabh on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Gilbert

Trying to manage service account of a windows service on a windows agent less endpoint. CA CM is able to successfully manage the password of the account but the password consumer for the designated service is not able to replicate the password change for that service. I have tried the following possible scenarios for solution:

1. Installed CA control minder endpoint agent on the respective endpoint and then tried to create a password consumer for the same service.

2. checked in the feature of restarting the designated service once the password gets changed.

3.After changing the password through ENTM console, tried to manually restart the service, failed with a logon failure error.

4. Re-installed CA control minder agent to include installation of PUPM integration and then again created the password consumer.


All of the above exercises were not able to produce any positive results. I am following the CA control minder guide to the word. Is there something i am missing., Can anyone please answer this question.