Actuals not showing in Portfolio Waterlines, Investments list, portlet but do in TSV of portlet

Discussion created by vtleogal2 on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Tony.Roth

I know I have seen this before, but I cannot find anything, other than an old similar defect for on demand users.




On Premise


I created a portfolio with a year long date (started in 12/2014 -12/2015 as this is a non prod environment)

Selected my investments


** all of my views were configured prior to synchronizing**

when I got to the investments Tab (actuals are configured to show on the list)   list actuals are all 0 -

on the waterlines tab, actuals column = 0 for all investments

go to Capacity tab  (using the pmo-Portfolio investment Dashboard layout)

The actuals column is blank, but actuals show in the TSV


all financial jobs have run and these are actually older actuals ,but including the "update hierarchy (aggregated) data" and investment allocation,


Any idea? I thought this was a known defect, but I cannot find it anywhere, and I thought I had seen it work before.