Tuesday Tips - Licensing - How do I request a DevTest Solution License?

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Feb 26, 2015

Licensing has been migrated over to the GSC.  In order to request a license - either a renewal or migration, please follow this proceedure:


Submit a request online through the Customer Care Webform ( )

o   IMPORTANT NOTE When filling out the Customer Care Webform, the email address entered in the "Corporate Email Address" field will be sent a notification email that an issue has been created with a link to view the issue.

      By Phone (NAM Only): 1.800.CALL.CAI (800.225.5224)

o   All other countries:

o   It is recommended to call in if you are unsure of the company Site ID or SAP ID so the GSC can research and locate an ID to open the issue under


With DevTest Solution, there is only 1 license per Client (The exception being CA Internal Employees).  As with all CA Products, a Client must be up to date with their Maintenance in order to upgrade.