Create Rol for IT Purchasing

Discussion created by jmorales05 on Mar 2, 2015

Hi Guys



I am creating a new role for covered it the need for staff managing contracts, maintenance and renewals Hardware, Software and services basing on the role of configuration manager, eliminating management options for Data partition, funtionales access and personalized menus just I need the following



1- In the interface detail_cmdb remove tabs and sub tabs for only interests me tab 1 and service attributes and tab 3 organizations

2- send notification emails when the CI this coming to expire or failing renewal date.

3- Creating a new calendar similar to the changes but dates End Date or date of CI Renewal tab



this with a view to the configuration manager being entrusted relations and other fields and IT them as people who watch over that part of the business have their interface as clean and friendly as possible because they only use the CI family contracts




any suggestions