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Automate Budget Plan creation and approval

Question asked by tarun.chaudhary on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by nagakishore.cheemakurthy

We do not have a specific workflow as such to move from cost plan to Budget plan in our organization. So In Clarity, I have created two cost plans in my project, one that I keep for my budgets and the other that I keep for the project forecast. The cost plan that I have for budgets is the one we manually submit and approve to make it a budget. When something changes on the budget, we update the same cost plan again and approve it to make it a budget. We are looking to automate this in some way. I thought a process would be the best way to achieve this. So I created a process on the cost plan object that triggers on update of the 'Total Cost' attribute. The problem however is that an update is not directly occuring on this attribute but on the 'Cost Total' attribute of the Cost Plan Detail sub-object which in turns flows back into the Total Cost attribute on the Cost plan object. As per CA support, I cannot compare old and current attributes values for a subobject. So I 'm stuck as to how to get this process triggered. Has anyone seen this and has a resolution for me?


The problem statement is that I need a way to trigger a process based on the cost plan detail update. Is there a way to achieve this?