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Cisco FabricPath Stripping for MTP

Question asked by mparikh on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Jeffrey_Arndt

Has anyone come across a solution on how to strip away (decrypt) FabricPath for MTP to see bi-directional flow of packets (transactions).


Currently we have traffic coming from F5 -> Cisco Span Port Switch (w/ FabricPath) -> OHS (Oracle HTTP Server)


Also in parallel, F5 sends traffic to APCON (Port Agrregrator), which is then sent to MTP


MTP only see one way traffic from F5 to OHS (one-way). Doesn't see traffic coming back b/c of FabricPath technology which MTP is not able to read.


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. This is a very time sensitive issue (we just found out and only have a couple of days left).





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