Any options to generate xml reports in JUNIT format using Test runner??

Discussion created by arulvenkatesh on Mar 4, 2015


My requirement is to generate XML reports as Junit report and integrate it with Team City. Currently the XML reporter generator type generates the XML format with date timestamp and stores in report folder under LISA installation directory.

There are 2 problems I'm facing here

1.) I need to manually delete the reports in report directory before I stage the suite. I finding it hard to delete the report when integrating this with Team City since the test cases are executed in checkout directory of the TeamCity server.

2.The current report format is not an JUNIT report format so Team City is not recognizing the current XML reports.


To fix this i tried below 2 options and looks this is not feasible

1.)When I tried lisa.reports.dir to change the report directory I need to start stop LISA registry service also my checkout directory changes every time when Team City runs.

2.)Did Post processing of XML to convert the generated report but every time i need to delete the reports in the report directory.

Moreover, I cant use the ANT test execution as I have more 300 test cases for execution and this has to be staged concurrently.


Please suggest me some alternatives.