Not able to virtualize a SOAP request having certificate

Discussion created by S_Kavitha on Mar 6, 2015



I want to virtualize an SOAP request which has an certificate (.pfx) to it. I tried virtualizing by recording option. During recording I added the data protocol as WebServices(SOAP) and WebServices(SOAPHeader) .Do I need to add WS-Security Request Dataprotocol also? Also while recording I checked the check box "Use SSL to Server" and "Use SSL to Client" and gave the keystore file and password. The recording is successful and I am able to deploy the model file.

While trying to hit the virtualization endpoint with the same request and certificate Iam getting "Target Server Failed to Respond". Please suggest me on how to resolve this issue?


I am new to LISA and Virtualization. So I might have missed few steps while recording. Kindly suggest me.