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APM Tech Tip: APM CE Tech Tip Graphical Overview

Question asked by Hallett_German Employee on Mar 7, 2015

APM Tech Tip: APM CE Tech Tip Graphical Overview


Last week I received this note.


Dear Hal:
I love all of your Tech Tips. However I want to know the big picture that ties this all together. Or does that image not exist?


Dying to Know,

Tom from Tewksbury


Dear Tom:
   Thank you for your note. I hope you are having a mild winter. Fortunately for you, there is such a big picture and I am sharing this month with you and other users. Let me know if meets your needs.


Hal German



As I just told Tom, all of my 50 Tech Tips do tie together and the attached diagram at


shows how. If you read/re-read these articles, please keep this diagram in mind.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Does this diagram help give a clearer view of the APM CE big picture?
2. Are there other topics that should be included?
3. What other topics should I cover in the future?