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APM Setup is unstable

Question asked by dShashiKrishna on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by marc_pichon

Hi All,

We have a cluster APM setup with total of 20 Agents customized/configured in loadbalancing.xml to connect one collector. Hope worked fine for 10 days after we did the changes in loadbalancing.xml file.


Issues found:

1) Frequent disconnecting all agents.

2) In Management Module, Metric Groupings, Dashboards and Alerts are not populating with data however when Agents are in connected status.


Configuration changes done:

Increased Java Heap Size in MOM, as well in two collectors.


Observation from MOM Log:


3/08/15 10:01:59.332 PM CAT [ERROR] [PO:WatchedAgentPO Mailman 2] [Manager.MessageService]
Exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded calling method:
{com.wily.introscope.spec.server.beans.agent.IAgentBridgeService.recordTimesliceBindingList, v1,


I request anybody please suggest few valuable inputs.


PFA for Log files from MOM Enterprise Manager and Collector.


Swift response are highly appreciated.

Many Thanks in Advance.