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Automatic Status Change On Request Ticket When Attached To Change Order ?

Question asked by Stuart_ on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Aleksandar_Stancic



I have been asked if it is possible to configure SDM to automatically change the status of a request ticket when it is attached to a change order. In addition to this when the status of attached change order changes, the status on the request ticket would change again.


For example based on the statuses we are using.


An active Request ticket would have the current status "4-Work In Progress", then when it is attached to an existing Change Order its status would automatically change to "5-Hold Awaiting Change Order". Then once the Change Order's status gets updated to "6-Implemented", the Request ticket's status would automatically go from "5-Hold Awaiting Change Order" to "6-Resolved Close Requested".


We haven't used transitions before, but from what I can see they still require someone to actually click "Activies -> "Update  Status" rather than an automatic status change.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.