CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Force timesheet to think it is an adjustment for reposting to Financials

Discussion created by wilel06 Employee on Mar 10, 2015
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When timesheets post, more information is stored in the database than the fields shown on the timesheet.  Some additional fields captured include entity, location, resource class, and transaction class.


These fields may be used to calculate the rate when transactions are posted to WIP.


It is possible to do WIP Adjustments to update the WIP transaction with the correct data.  But, if you want to keep timesheet and WIP data in synch, adjusting the timesheet is recommended.


Adjusting a timesheet without actually making a change to the timesheet will not be recognized as an adjustment to be processed through to financials again.  It does not show in Invalid Transactions.


An example would be if the resource has an incorrect resource class.  Once the resource class is changed on the resource record, the timesheet would be adjusted and posted to correct the resource class.

In this example, since nothing on the timesheet actually changed, the new, adjusted record is not available in the Invalid Transactions and therefore cannot be processed for financials and Posted to WIP.


A workaround for this is to force a change to the timesheet by using one of the two User Value fields on the timesheet.


These fields are populated from the following lookups:

     Time Entry User Lookup field 1       ID: PRTIMEENTRY_USER_LOV1

     Time Entry User Lookup field 2       ID: PRTIMEENTRY_USER_LOV2


If you are not using one or either of these you can make a new lookup value for one and use that to force an adjustment to the timesheet.  I name the value Adjustment but you can name it whatever you want.  Then when a timesheet is adjusted with no actual changes to the timesheet you can add this value and the timesheet will export to Invalid Transactions again.


Note: You can configure this field to show on your timesheet view.