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Notifier in Fault Tolerance

Question asked by GBPopular on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by cpcashell

I have a Spectrum 9.3 in fault tolerance and distributed environment.

The Notifier is running in one of the SpectroServer principal, and send the alarms for all landscape. I´m not sure what is the best change to configure the Notifier in the redundancy situation.


I have saw other people that have put the "if " condition in the scripts on the secondary SS, and if the hostname in the alarm is the first SS, the script of Notifier say "nothing to do". I think this could send for the alarms in the other landscape the same mail from the primary and secondary SS.


I have three SANM applications, with three SANM policies and three setscripts in the principal SS. In the secondary SS I copied the NOTIFIER directory from the primary SS. I did not put to run the three notifier process in the secondary because I think this could send the alarma mails for duplicated as I already said. I need to found the way to the secondary send mails only when the SS principali is down, and its work for the other landscape, and with the three application SANM...


Any idea?