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Hi my custom pbd not showing any metrices on investigator. Please help.

Question asked by pvpalval on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Hiko_Davis

Though am writing the correct syntax metrics not showing. Package, class and method are correct. Please help. I am pasting the instance which shows metrics and which do not show metrics. Also both introscope.log and autoprobe.log not showing any errors. What can be the possibility of metrics not being shown as we have checked that the method is called correctly when the application is hit.


Shows metrics:-


SetFlag: requestIllustrationAnnuityOptionCalculation

TurnOn: requestIllustrationAnnuityOptionCalculation

IdentifyClassAs: requestIllustrationAnnuityOptionCalculation

TraceOneMethodOfClass: requestIllustrationAnnuityOptionCalculation BlamePointTracer "FuseESB|fusEsbdev8|AnnuityCalculationService|requestIllustrationAnnuityOptionCalculation"


Do not show metrics:-


SetFlag: requestIllustrationAnnuityGeneration

TurnOn: requestIllustrationAnnuityGeneration

IdentifyClassAs: requestIllustrationAnnuityGeneration

TraceOneMethodOfClass: requestIllustrationAnnuityGeneration BlamePointTracer "FuseESB|fusEsbdev8|NMRRequestsGenerator|requestIllustrationAnnuityGeneration"