Unable to get Crystal Report to Load to CA OnDemand

Discussion created by hcook on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by DK_Winmill

I am admittedly new to Crystal Reports, as well as SQL, and am having some difficulty getting a report to load.


Report is created and working perfectly in Crystal 2008. It joins 3 tables: ODF_CA_PRJ_DECISION_LOG (a custom table that houses our decision logs), INV_INVESTMENTS, and SRM_RESOURCES.




When I try to upload the file to CA Clarity, I get the following error message:

Adding Crystal Report "FMC Decision Log Expanded.rpt" failed. The server with kind rptappserver returned an error result. Failed to copy the report file to the report object. Refreshing the report object properties might have failed. Failed to read data from report file /fs0/od/CA/SharedComponents/CommonReporting3/bobje/data/CrystalReportsRasServer/temp/{35DFB594-9624-11E4-A068-005056AC0886}.rpt. Reason: Failed to read parameter object


My parameters are: param_dec_log_status, param_inv_investments_name, and param_i_manager. I know it has to do with the one of the 2nd two because it worked fine on my first iteration that only had the first one. Do I just need to change the parameter name, which is shared with another report that I did not create? Or do I need to create a NEW lookup instead of using one of the existing ones? param_inv_investments_name currently references the lookup Browse Investments and param_i_manager references Browse Resources.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I've been spinning my wheels trying to get this fixed!