Null Input Variable values in Catalog Plug-in

Discussion created by walpa06 Employee on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Catherine Schuman

I am trying to use a plug-in to load a couple of field.  We have written the code in the plug-in to be flexible based on input values.  A couple of which are supposed to be hard-coded in the Plug-in Variable to determine what information is brought back to the select field.


In the variable field I have tried 2 different ways to format what is going in.




Here is the setInputs method I am using.

  public void setInputs(Map<String, Object> inputs) {

     // getting input from plugin call/variables

     envLevel = (String) inputs.get("envlevel");

     log.trace("Environment Level =" + envLevel);

     queryType = (String) inputs.get("querytype");

     log.trace("Query Type =" + queryType);

     userID = (String) inputs.get("userid");

     log.trace("User ID =" + userID);



Here is the log with the null value. I am getting a null exception after this because I am trying to do something with the variables.

2015/03/12 TRACE [http-8080-12] [SelectPlugin] Environment Level =null

2015/03/12 TRACE [http-8080-12] [SelectPlugin] Query Type =null

2015/03/12 TRACE [http-8080-12] [SelectPlugin] User ID =null


What am I doing wrong?  I am sure it is how I am formatting the Plug-in Variables.  The examples I have seen only have 1 variable and it is always the userid.